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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Namibia needs to adapt to climate change

Experts have forecasted extreme dry spells and exceptional heavy downpour of rain in Namibia, hence Namibia has no other option than to adapt to the change in weather conditions.

IPSNews reports that with the commencement of the heavy rainfall in early February raising 8cm higher than that of 2009, at least, 21 school children have drown with damages to roads, buildings and other infrastructure.

Notable is that 30 per cent of Namibia Gross Domestic Product is generated from agriculture and initial research revealed that the impact of the climate change could reduce its GDP by six per cent costing about $30m over the next two decades.

Speaking at the Namibia Climate Change Adaptation Youth conference, Ephraim Nekongo, chairperson of Oshana Regional Youth Forum said the consequences of the climate change will affect human health directly or indirectly. Read more

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