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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Experts warn against trans-bounder animal diseases

Veterinary experts from East Africa and Horn of Africa at a three-day meeting in Kigali, last week discussed the cause of animal diseases, just as they cautioned over Trans-bounder animal Diseases (TADs).

According to AllAfrica, the experts said TAD could lead to food insecurity in the region.

They warned that if no serious action is taken to avert the transmission while seeking a common approach towards the prevention of animal diseases across borders to ensure food security.

Director-General, Rwanda Animal Resources Development (RARDA), Dr. Christine Kanyandekwe, affirmed the tendency of TAD, pointing out that it was imperative for regional countries to develop such an approach.

"We have seen animals dying of these diseases in various parts of Africa. We should not therefore sit as our animals die. We need to draw a roadmap to prevent these diseases," she said. Read more

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