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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dog research attracts N128m grant

The Wellcome Trust has granted fund for research to look into the life of man's best friend, dog, worth the sum of £500,000 about N128.044 million.

The research launched by University of Manchester researchers is to be the largest studies into the relationship between man and dog.

NaijaAgroNet also gathered that the study is to explore how humans had influenced the behaviour of domestic dogs as a result of the way man breed, feed, train and socialize with them.

Lead researcher of the project, Professor Michael Worboys of Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Faulty of Life Sciences said, it is a cliché that 'dog is man's best friend', given its modern position as a domestic companion.

Worboys also said that dogs have been neglected by social scientists despite their importance in many people's lives.

The research, he said, would examine the interactions between and influences humans on stray and dangerous dogs as well as the use of dogs in the laboratory for health and medical research.

"We will study how changing ideas and practices with breeding, feeding, training and treating have essentially remade the modern dog. Whether as pet, a show dog or working animal," said Michael Worboys. Read more
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