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Friday, December 23, 2011

Nigerians lament unaccessible water

Considering the fact that water is one of the essentials to life, its source and accessibility seems to become a problem to all and sundry.
NaijaAgroNet investigations showed that in some parts of the Nigeria water remains a scarce resource and expensive while in other parts it is the cheapest and most available resources at all time.
Speaking with NaijaAgroNet, an undergraduate student of Kaduna Polytechnic, Saheedat Adegbite, said that the source of water for her household is borehole and it is always up and running all year round and serves the household accessibility to drinkable water in and out of season.
According to her, other compounds around also benefit from the water free-of-charge.
Dada Adedeji, a 300 level student of Computer Studies, Olabisi Onabanjo University said there is borehole in his compound in school unlike in his home town where one has to walk up to about 300 meters to get a 25 litres of water for N5 or N10 depending on the source of power available at that particular point in time.
Adedeji noted that power failure in his home town for five days kept everybody on their toes as a blink of the light will make everyone rush down to the borehole for water which might take one day to fetch from a tank of 150 litres.
The water in his compound at school, he said, is up and running and when it goes off, there are public water within the street.
Speaking to NaijaAgroNet during the week a primary school teacher in Oshodi, who gave her name as Mama Juliet said that water still remains one of the major problems in this country.
"My daughter have to go to the nearby borehole, which is about 100 meters to get a 25 litres of water for N5 when there is light or N10 without light," she said.
The water in her compound, she added is faulty and the landlord is making no attempt to put it in order and this is the reason why every tenant has to walk up to 200 meters or more to get water which in most cases is not drinkable.
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