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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fortified Ponmo, cheap reprieve to poor Nigerians – Umar Bindir

The Director General of National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), Dr. Umar Bindir has said that fortified Ponmo could be a reprieve to poor Nigerians.
He made this observation at a consumers’ forum organized by Bio-Organics Nutrients System, urging Nigerian scientists to move their researches from the shelves to action by adapting their conclusions to address some of the needs of Nigerians, reports NigComSat Connect.
According to him, this has become imperative at this time when criticism by experts of the rising cases of diabetes cardiovascular ailments and other non-communicable diseases due to life style related causes.
Bindir noted that the edible part of cow skin which is nutritious, could be very helpful in combing inadequate dieting especially for the poor.
NaijaAgroNet gathered that the Agricultural Scientist pointed out that fortified Ponmo is a cheap way of bringing reprieve to a huge proportion of Nigerians who are deprived of adequate and quality feeding.
He also expressed delight over the prospect over Ponmo as it’s fortified with micronutrients and vitamins which will make it nutritious against popular belief that it does not have any nutritional value which he says is possible.
As said by him, unknown to most Nigerians, fortified Ponmo contains protein like beef meats and would give majority of Nigerians a sense of satisfaction, serving as a meat of choice as it is cheaper compared to other available meat.
Sharing his views on the issue, Dr. Kenneth Acholonu, the chief executive officer, Bio-Organics Nutrients Systems, revealed that Bio-Organics has demonstrated some key critical attribute that could significantly impact on food security through animal protein security.
Acholonu urged regulatory agencies to make sure that standard of production of micronutrients are enforced, and that competent personnel must be employed and trained regularly in order to maintain a standard operating procedures.
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