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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tens of thousands fled Syria for food security

Due to the increasing inaccessibility of food and water in Syria, people in tens of thousands are fleeing Syria for neighboring countries.
As revealed to NaijaAgroNet in a special alert by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there is also fuel shortages which in turn have a great effect on transportation costs.
FAO made the alert as there has been civil unrest in Syria since March 2011.
The World Food Programme (WFP) of United Nations affirmed an estimation of about 1.4 million food insecure living in areas which have now become conflicts hotspot in 2010.
WFP lists Homs, Hama, rural Damascus, Daraa and Idleb as areas which are vulnerable in 2010 and are now more vulnerable as a result of conflicts.
FAO and WFP are currently running an emergency operation providing food aid and vouchers to 100 000 people in the country.
NaijaAgroNet gathered that some 300,000 small farmers and herders in the north-eastern provinces had already suffered four consecutive seasons of drought, and they are also affected by loss of opportunities from seasonal labour migration within the country.
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