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Friday, April 6, 2012

Feed-the-Future, others to help goat producers

Feed the Future, an initiative of the United State government to fight global hunger with the partnership of scientific organisations in order to help U.S. and African goat producers enhance breeding and productivity, reports USDA. 
The goat project is being funded by USAID’s Norman Borlaug Commemorative Research Initiative, African research partners and others.

NaijaAgroNet also gathered that goat DNA and performance measures will be collected from more than 20 distinct goat populations from Africa, the United States, the Middle East and some portion of Asia and Brazil.
Researchers, NaijaAgroNet further learnt will identify unique genes in each population and develop genetic preservation plans.
Also, researchers will consider how breeds differ in performance traits like milk yield and parasite resistance. 
According to the report, the project will associate those differences with the DNA, enabling farmers to more quickly breed healthier, more productive goats than with observing performance traits alone. Read more
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