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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Climate change makes biodiversity conversation more expensive - Studies

A piece of land affected by Climate Change
Three new studies by a group of international researchers, have attributed discussions on climate change as making biodiversity conversation more expensive.
The studies said, this has shown an increase in the cost of conserving biodiversity, clean water and clean air by more than 100 per cent, reports PhysOrg.
The studies NaijaAgroNet learnt was named 'Wake-up Call for cost-efficient biodiversity conservation and climate stabilizations' and was conducted in South Africa, Madagascar and California by Conservation International.
The lead author of the studies report, Lee Hannah, senior scientist for climate change biology at Conservation International said specific effects of climate change on species in South Africa, Madagascar and California are very different.
The costs of conserving climate change effects, Lee said will certainly increase considerably in all the regions examined.
"We can have a healthy planet and keep extra costs to a minimum by acting quickly to cut emissions and incorporate climate change into conservation plans," Lee Hannah said. 
Climate scientist and associate vice president for Environmental Defense Fund, Rebecca Shaw while commenting on the report of the study said the set of studies from around the world is a wake-up calls as people have been struggling to conserve the nature we depend on for clean air and clean water without climate change.
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