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Friday, February 15, 2013


Novus Agro, a Nigeria-based entity has outlined plans to boost the agricultural information for farmers in the country.
Giving this assurance in Lagos were the duo of Messrs Victoria Ononuju and Obiajuru Igborgbor from Novus Agro, at a forum in Lagos, Wednesday, said the organization helps to bridge agriculture information in the country in the past three years with many enterprise signing up.

The main objective of Novus Agro, they said, is to contribute to the growth of agriculture in the country by getting information about agriculture and enlightening the farmers as well as people in the country about the importance of Agriculture.

Also, by helping individuals and farmers involved in agricultural business to be successful via taking the time to understand their problems and how they could best help them to meet their needs.

They said farmers as well as some people in the country have been turning away from agriculture because of lack of information and lack of production.

"Whereby a farmer does not know what to produce for sale in the market at a particular time and the farmer also does not know where and when to sell their produce and it is not encouraging; that the farmers need to know the selling price of a particular produce in the market," they said.

According to them, agriculture could better the lives of the farmers and how the beneficiaries could take control of agriculture in Nigeria.

Novus Agro, they pointed out also gets in touch with the farmers as well as people who want to know the price of a produce in the market through a Short Messaging Service (SMS) or through the internet.

Even as they are planning on creating a link between the farmers and the consumers so that they could have a better relationship. While assisting people who want to buy large amount of produce.

Citing the need to purchase about 500 bags of garri, for instance, Novus Agro will help such a person to contact the head of the farmers in a community and also one of the members so as for all of them to work together and produce the bags of garri.

Plans are up to deploying Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in delivery of the SMS in different languages including Pidgin English, Yoruba, Igbo and others.

Special Assistant on Media and Strategy to the Minister of agriculture and rural development, Dr. Olukayode Oyeleye express thanks to the participants at the forum, enjoining them to ensure that people get to know and be enlightened about agriculture.

Nneka Alamaeze/LS/DSB News

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