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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Palm Oil generates unprecedent profits - Experts


Experts have pronounced Palm Oil as the latest booming commodity that is generating unprecedented profits for plantation owners and investors.

As disclosed to NaijaAgroNet by the officials of the International Trading Exchange Fixed Assets Commercial Brokerage LLC, Palm Oil is one of the fastest growing commodities in recent years.

This, they said, is set to continue into the forthcoming decade.

“The natural vegetable oil produced from the palm, is part of our world in more ways than you think,” officials stated in the company newsletter made available to NaijaAgroNet.

They also asserted that “9 out 10 Unilever products contain Palm Oil.”

On the Investment, the Dubai-based company stated that there are three entry levels for Palm Oil investment, with a five-year buy back guarantee.

“You will receive a yearly yield paid on the anniversary of your investment. On top of this, you will receive your initial investment back after 5 years,” part of the newsletter read.

Additionally, the company said investors will receive all the necessary title deeds for land plot, as well as management contracts from a United Kingdom (UK)-based agricultural management agency.

“So all you have to do is sit back and watch your investment come in,” the company assured.

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