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Friday, September 27, 2013

Oman reiterates support to enrich biodiversity

Anthony Nwakaegho/NaijaAgroNet

The fifth meeting of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture ( ITPGRFA) kicked off at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel on Tuesday at Oman.

The opening ceremony of the meeting organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries was sponsored by His Highness Sayyid Shihab Bin Tariq Al Said, adviser to His Majesty the Sultan and continues till September 28.

His Excellency, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr Fuad Bin Jaafar Al Sajwani, said the Sultanate’s hosting of the meeting shows its support for efforts to enrich the state of biodiversity in general and genetic resources in particular, coming after the ministerial conference for the Near East and North Africa and a meeting of Donor Funds on the challenges of food security across the world.

The Director General of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ir. Haryono, speaking on behalf of the Indonesian minister of agriculture, stressed the importance of working together and pointed out that the genetic resources have become an integral part of the laws and regulation across the world which now faces climate challenges, draught and water scarcity.

 NaijaAgroNet  gathered that the Director General of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), José Graziano da Silvawas, delivered a recorded speech from the Organisation Headquarters in Rome, and pointed out that the treaty which is one of the most successful plays a vital role for food security by ensuring fair distribution.

NaijaAgroNet learnt from the meeting that  the Near East countries in Asia and Africa are among the richest in the world in terms of plant resources, yet  lack food security, suffer  from instability, climate changes, exhaustion of bio resources, such as soil and water, while the FAO efforts is on how to  secure food for nine billion people by 2050.

*With additional report from Oman News Agency

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