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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dell, eWSAA partners on Kenya e-Waste facility, create jobs

The partnership between Dell and Kenyan e-Waste Solutions Alliance for Africa (eWSAA) in Nairobi paved the way for the opening of East Africa Compliant Recycling to create businesses to be supported by a regulatory model tailored for developing countries, reports NaijaAgroNet.

The new regulatory model was developed by Kenyan officials and representatives from non-governmental organizations and the IT and e-recycling industries.

Speaking at the opening of the facility, Honorable Amina A. Abdalla, MP, Chairperson, Committee of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenyan Parliament pointed out that they we were looking at ensuring that e-waste is recycled in such a manner that ensures the people are not exposed to hazardous materials.

“And so basically, we’ve invested in getting out a regulation that is more proactive managing e-waste. With the regulation, its enforcement, and partnering with not only recyclers but producers, we’ll go a long way in addressing these challenges,” Abdalla told NaijaAgroNet.

The Kenyan Environment Secretary,  Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources said that  they were seeing green technology as good business sense, and not just because it creates profits, but if persons working for such a company are of higher health status because of a good environment, then productivity also goes up.
“We want to create jobs, particularly for our youth. So it’s a triple way: We have a clean environment, we have jobs created, we have industrial growth and economic growth of the country,” she underscored.

The Director, Compliance at Dell Takeback, Jean Cox-Kearns, says “It is so exciting to see this sustainable model be implemented on the ground in Nairobi, creating green jobs and implementing a solution that deals with e-waste being generated both in Kenya and the greater East African Region, and providing environmentally sound management of e-waste collected.”

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