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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

P&G unveils Ariel Automatic in style

The Procter & Gamble (P&G’s) flagship laundry brand, Ariel on Sunday in the city of Lagos, consolidated its number one foothold on Nigerian detergent market with the introduction of Ariel Automatic which is specifically designed to be used in washing machines, NaijaAgroNet reports.

The Managing Director of the company, George Nassar, in welcoming guests to the grand launch which took place at Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, said that since the official launch of Ariel in Nigeria in 1998, the brand has continued to be the number one stain remover.
He disclosed that Ariel Automatic has more stain fighting ingredients than its competitors, adding that the philosophy behind Ariel automatic is to improve laundry experience in Nigerian homes while also adding that Ariel Automatic is endorsed by LG, the number one laundry manufacturers in the world.

Explaining further to NaijaAgroNet the Communications Manager, Ariel, Sub-Saharan Africa, Jeanne du Plessis said that Ariel Automatic is designed, not just to clean the fabric but also to protect and enhance it. She maintained that Africa is “incredibly important to P&G.” She went on to add that Ariel Automatic offer user good smell that offers them the self confidence they require.

Ahinomen Anekabor, Commercial & Brand Director, P&G, on her part told NaijaAgroNet that besides being NAFDAC certified, Ariel Automatic preserves the life of washing machines, saying that every fashion requires a detergent for its wash, adding that Ariel Automatic was developed at Brussel’s Innovation Centre, Brussel, Belgium, maintaining that it is customer inspired and that behind every successful person there is an Ariel.

NaijaAgroNet reports there were several demonstrations to convince the audience that Ariel Automatic cleans, protects and enhances washing experience besides taking care of itching which people normally experience with their fabrics.
With ink and motor oil mixed and used to stain white fabrics in the same degree and soaked with 
Ariel Automatic on one hand, and another competing detergent on the other, NaijaAgroNet observed that it was Ariel Automatic that removed all the stains leaving the fabrics as white as snow.

Ariel continues to be a leading innovation brand in detergents, driving both product performance and sustainability across the widest spectrum of markets and consumers in the globe.

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