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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chinese farmer empowers Nigerian youths

The Founder of Seven Star Farms Nigeria Ltd, Eric Ni Meng Xiao, a Chinese farmer, has empowered hundreds of young Nigerians through job creation, NaijaAgroNet reports

Seven Star which is located inAgbara-Lusada Road in Ogun State covers about 30 hectares where both the young and old are assisted by a group of Chinese farmers. The farm is reputed for producing a range of fresh vegetables, eggplant, pepper and fruits, NaijaAgroNet learnt.

"I came to Nigeria in 2003 to do shoe business, I was importing shoes from China, until the Nigerian government placed a ban on it, but we have bought this land to set up a factory. I was a farmer in China, but came to Nigeria to do business, so when the government restriction came, I thought it wise to do what I know how to do best and that is farming," he said.

He went further to say,"I am doing this to help reduced unemployment. We also works for Nigeria and foreigners, and this country (Nigeria) is also like my country (China), as long we are here together, we can help each other," he added.

Yusuf Garuba, a secondary school student who was seen busy at the farm cultivating, NaijaAgroNet gathered, said he took up the job because he did not stay home and do nothing. "The reason am working here is just for me not stay home and do nothing, so I came here to keep myself busy," he added.

Another worker who gave his name as Obinna Johnson expressed satisfaction that the Chinese farmers gave him the opportunity to work and learn as well.

Cyriacus Nnaji/GEE with additional report from Xinhua agency
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