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Friday, October 2, 2015

AU commissioner extols rising use of IT to improve agriculture production

The African Union’s Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, has extolled the rising use of information technology to improve agriculture production and access to financing, NaijaAgroNet

She said that she believes there is reason to be optimistic that Africa’s agriculture sector is moving toward a brighter future, particularly in the rising use of information technology to improve agriculture production and access to financing, something she said, will play an important role in attracting more young Africans to farm-related ventures,

“We have seen this work in Nigeria with the ‘e-wallet’ and in Kenya with M-Pesa,” she said.
Peace also singled out AGRA for its ongoing effort to increase access to seed, fertilizers and other inputs and promote market and policy improvements that will allow the economic benefits of agriculture to be shared more broadly. The AU Commissioner also called on the continent leaders to banish the hand hoe into a museum, reports NaijaAgroNet.

She said that for the 2015 African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) to stay true to its theme of “Walking the Talk on Youth and Women,” delegates must firmly embrace pledge from the 2014 AGRF to banish the hand hoe.

“We need to banish the hand-hoe to liberate our hardworking mothers and sisters from the drudgery associated with agriculture and increase their productivity and return from their labour. And I don’t believe our young people will be attracted to agriculture if we are still using the hand hoe,” Peace said.

Peace, NaijaAgroNet gathered, was the keynote speaker as the AGRF moved into the heart of its deliberations over how to increase production and incomes in Africa’s farm sector - while also generating better opportunities for the 10 million young Africans entering the job market every year and for women across Africa, most of whom are already farmers.

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