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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Anambra urges citizens to adopt hygienic life style

The Anambra State Government has alerted Anambrarians of the outbreak of Lassa fever, urging citizens to live a hygienic life style, reports NaijaAgroNet.

The Hon. Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Anambra State, Dr. Barr. Mrs. Uju Nwogu made this known in Awka, the state capital, saying that they wish to alert the public of reported cases of outbreak of Lassa fever in some states of the federation, including Bauchi, Kano, Taraba, Niger, Ondo, Edo, and Rivers among others, thus disease is caused by lassa virus.

The disease, she said, which spreads widely is transmitted by infected rats, noting that it spreads to human beings through contact with urine and droppings of infected rats and also contact with the body fluid, blood, urine and vomitus of infected persons.

“The symptoms of Lassa fever include fever, abdominal pains, headache, vomiting and muscle cramps. Other symptoms of the disease include bleeding from the nose, nostrils and passing of bloody stool,” she said, stressing that members of the public who experience any of these symptoms are advised to report to the nearest hospital or health clinic within their areas.

Mrs. Nwogu pointed out that in order to avoid the contact and curb the spread of this disease, “all persons are advised to maintain good personal hygiene, wash their hands regularly with soap and clean water and keep their surroundings clean. Report persons who have the symptoms of Lassa fever to the nearest hospital or health centre. They should also rid their environments of rats as well as keep their food away from rodents.”

Equally, she said, all health care providers and disease notification and surveillance Officers are advised to report any case of the disease in their locality to the State Ministry of Health.

“Ndi Anambra lets continue to keep our environment clean. Lets maintain good personal hygiene.
Lets be our brothers keeper,” she urged.

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