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Monday, May 16, 2016

Feud over dog meat festival

For the city of Yulin in China reputed for its dog meat festival, some dogs are stolen from their owners and beaten or bled to death, reports NaijaAgroNet.

It was also gathered that these dogs are hung upside down from hooks, a slit cut from their anus and skin ripped off their bodies, and sold to be eaten. 
NaijaAgroNet reports that the suffering must be unbearable following a new research which shows that in terms of emotion, dogs' brains are much like ours, something dog owners and lovers understand well.

A petition to the Chinese government by Rewan Al-Haddad made available to NaijaAgroNet at Avaaz, the petitioners said that when “we see dogs for what they are living beings with thoughts and feelings the torture they endure at this ‘festival' becomes inexcusable.”

Already thousands of Chinese citizens have spoken out against the festival, but authorities won’t act until they see how badly it’s hurting China’s global image, which they’ve been working hard to improve.

“That’s where we come in. Let’s show the Chinese government that the world cares about this puppy slaughter and wants them to stop it immediately!” part of the petition read.

According to Avaaz, “When our numbers are great enough, we will take out ads, work with influential celebrities, run the first independent national poll on dog-eating in China, and put this issue on front pages everywhere until Chinese authorities act.

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  1. Im in the uk n im a dog n animal n wildlife n mammel n marine lover..ive bin a suporter n activist n comment n share n write letters n email to china indonesea n vietnam about this dogmeat needs be stopped..these digs are not farm meat there peoples pets n should not be eaten.they have emotions n feelings n feel fear n pain just as we do..there man n owners best friend not meant to be on there dinner plate..the pure hell n torture kills my very soul n heart..the pure hell n torture n butchary i see them go frew in yulin festivals n meat markets n backyard hellholes is too hard to see n watch.the fear n in the dogs eyez n there innocent cries of pain n fear we here is heartbreaking.the tiny crates there stuffed in n there not transported nicely there prodded n poked n hung up n grasbed n beaten servely.there skinned alive n beaten n hung..ghis is heartless n should not be happening to these dogs n animals like this..they feel n this needs to be stopped..i dont hate people normaly but the way i feel now about chinese n china i soo hate wiv a passion now n now boycott anything coming from there and i will carry on showing uk n everyone i can the horror n toeture china put our beloved pets frew each day...stop this torture ..they feel everything just as we o

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