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Thursday, September 15, 2016

CTA's AgriBusiness TV showcases 3 videos

Video 1: Burkina Faso - Maths teacher and farmer
Francis Wendpanga IMA, 34 years, is the director of the college of Bagré (Centre-East of Burkina). He is also involved in crop and livestock farming, as well as the transformation of rice.

Watch the video here:

Video 2: Mali - Taking over the abandoned family farm
Hawaou Mariko, holds a degree in enterprise management. In 2014, she takes over the abandoned family farm, and makes it a diversified agricultural enterprise. 

Watch the video here:

Video 3: Mauritius - Joining forces to build a business empire

Two brothers, Magen and Kanen Chinatamby founded a company to supply high quality fruits and vegetables in Mauritius. 

Watch the video here:
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