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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Zoto pledges support to Benue flood victims

Acclaimed easy way of making payments in Nigeria, Zoto has pledged to support the flood victims in Benue State, reports NaijaAgroNet.

Zoto, a product of Hedonmark Management Services Limited and Nigeria’s mobile payment app under its charity initiative Zoto Smiles has collaborated with Eagles HOPE Foundation , a non-governmental orgaanisation (NGO) to extend financial support and rehabilitation to flood-affected people in Benue State.

Oshone Ikazoboh, Co-Founder, Zoto said that as a startup in Nigeria, Zoto believes that any challenge could be met if one has innovation in DNA. 

“Keeping in spirit with its DNA, Zoto via its initiative Zoto Smiles has announced that they will contribute N10 every time Zoto app is used to recharge or pay bills,” Ikazoboh said.

This, Ikazoboh also said, that by funding the relief efforts of local NGOs, donations to this fund have the potential to build stronger response capacity so that these NGOs are better equipped to face future challenges.

 “It is a difficult time for the flood affected people as more than 110,000 people in 24 communities including Makurdi, the state capital, had been displaced by the floods. With our initiative Zoto Smiles, we've made our donation process a community effort where every person gets chance to contribute towards community building by a simple recharge or bill payments made via Zoto App. We are liasoning with our NGO partner to ensure quick supply of relief material. We offer condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and pray that the situation normalises soon," Ikazoboh said.

Stressing that money is the quickest, most effective contribution most people can make during times of disaster and Zoto believes that people and communities are intrinsically good and generous, as such would want to come forward and help in the rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters, but they are held back due to the lack of proper avenues.

 Uboshe Uboshe/ED, Ops
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