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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Badagry women adopting family planning on the rise - NaijaAgroNet

Residents of Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State, have shown increase in the number of women adopting family planning the locality, reports NaijaAgroNet.
Some of the women who spoke to NaijaAgroNet during a recent field visit to the Ajara Flagship Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Badagry, under the auspices of Media Advocacy Working Group (MAWG) in partnership with Public Health Sustainable Advocacy Initiative (PHSAI), gave these indications.
Elated Badagry women, told NaijaAgroNet that the opportunity offered by the access to family planning services far outweigh the disadvantages.
They were particular about prevention of unintended pregnancy, and enjoined others to take advantage of the primary health care services.
A 33 year old Mrs Labake Orija, said her husband also understands the importance, hence she has his approval to attend the family planning scheme of the PHC.
As said by her, after four children what is left is to cater for them with quality educational support so that they can be their best out of the 8-year marriage.
Although Labake was attending the family planning session for the first time, she expressed delight in the exercise despite having heard about family planning before then.
“I have the support of my husband. We have decided that the four children we have now are sufficient for us,” she enthused.
She attributed her keenness to family planning to advice given to her from onset by her mother, who pointed out the efficacy of having children you can afford to train with an average size of four children and with both spouse making it six.
Also speaking, a 39-year-old Mrs. Atinuke Oke, told correspondent that having been married for over 14 years with three children, she has her spouse consent to save the family from avoidable medical expenses which encouraged her to commence family planning some 10 years ago with injectable.

According to her, she came for checkup on her last injectable, three months ago and in fact came to  renew her dose, which is every three months.
Isaac Oyimah/Editor
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