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Monday, September 30, 2019

African annual MoodleMoot workshop goes to Abidjan - NaijaAgroNet


eLearning Africa has confirmed the hosting of the African annual MoodleMoot workshop at the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire on 23 October, reports NaijaAgroNet.

The theme of this year’s pan-African eLearning conference, dedicated to examining the potential for using new communications technology to spread educational opportunity, is “learnability and employability”.

Millions of young Africans, who collectively are the continent’s richest resource, must be empowered quickly to maximise the potential of digital technology in education and employment. However, connectivity, an essential element in the virtual world, is still a major issue in Africa.

Moodle, a very popular open-source course-management system, is a game-changing innovation that responds to these needs. A MoodleMoot is a conference dedicated to Moodle users, developers and administrators. Many of the over 150 million users of Moodle around the world are now in Africa.

“Technically, Moodle offers us exactly what we need,” says Dr Bruno Tran, the CIVA Vocational Training Expert from AfricaRice in Benin, which is part of the ‘One World, No Hunger’ initiative – funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. “For us, it means we can reach a larger audience despite the limitations of internet connectivity in rural parts of the country.MoodleMoot Africa 2019 will convene with a focus on encouraging collaboration and promotion of Moodle best practice. At the workshop, participants will engage in a full day of learning, practical dialogue, and sharing of ideas with Moodle experts and practitioners, including Moodle's CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas. He sees many benefits in these gatherings: “MoodleMoots are the place to recharge your practice:  discover the state of the art in online learning, meet peers using Moodle in other institutions, and share your discoveries in an open, inclusive environment”.The highly interactive workshop will also provide Moodle users with a unique opportunity to share their personal Moodle stories with other enthusiastic members of this large global community.

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