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Friday, October 2, 2020

CS-SUNN launches Let us do more campaign - NaijaAgroNet ... Linking agrobiz, sustainable environs, people & technology

Nigeria at 60 anniversary got a boost on Thursday with the launch of “Let us do more campaign” by the Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN), reports NaijaAgroNet.
According to the Secretary to the Board of Trustees at CS-SUNN, Prof. Ngozi Nnam, the launch was in commemoration of the nation’s independence and a wake up call to nutrition stakeholders in the country.

“Nutrition Security exists when all people at all times, consume food of sufficient quantity and quality, in terms of variety, diversity, nutrient content and safety to meet their dietary needs and preferences for an active and healthy life coupled with a sanitary environment, adequate health, education and care” (FAO/AGN, March 2012). 

Achieving nutrition security for all people, he said, has become a tall order with the current burden of malnutrition which has remained a great source of concern particularly in developing countries, including Nigeria. 

She pointed out that while policies and plans are in place in Nigeria, to address the problem of malnutrition, the plans are generally not fully implemented due to lack of adequate funding. 

“Domestic funding for nutrition has become lean, leading to over-dependence on dwindling donor funding,” Prof. Nnam said. 

She explained that “Let us do more campaign is an effort to scale up investment in nutrition to improve the nutrition of the vulnerable group particularly infants, children and women. 

It is an effort to improve policies, plans, programmes, strategies, and activities that will transform the nutrition landscape of Nigeria. The campaign also aims to highlight the need for citizen’s engagement and promote an inclusive approach to solving the nutrition problem in Nigeria.

Malnutrition is a cankerworm spreading across all communities in the country. All sectors in the society should be involved to fight malnutrition and reduce its negative influence on individual and national development.

Let us do more campaign to sensitize critical stakeholders, Government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Business networks, Professional bodies, Nutrition Champions and Gate Keepers on the need for increased investment in Nutrition. Citizens should add their voices on the design and implementation of nutrition projects in their communities to ensure sustainability. The campaign is calling for increased coordination of nutrition activities amongst stakeholders. Ownership and sustainability of nutrition projects by Government at all levels should be given priority so that gains already made from the projects are not lost.

Nigeria and Nigerians should take concrete steps at protecting and caring for the vulnerable by ensuring affordable access to health and quality nutrition. More efforts should be made to ensure nutrition and food security.

CS-SUNN therefore, calls on all citizens of Nigeria especially those interested in improving nutrition in Nigeria to join this campaign for us to continuously work with government to improve funding for nutrition activities at all levels, strengthen systems, improve coordination, implement policies, plans and strategies that have been developed in the interest of Nigerians especially the vulnerable groups.

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