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Friday, June 24, 2022

GCA, AfDB join forces to scale up access to climate-smart technologies - NaijaAgroNet

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The Global Center for Adaptation (GCA) and African Development Bank (AfDB) have advanced plans to scale up access to climate-smart digital technologies in Africa, reports NaijaAgroNet.
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Senior Director for Africa at GCA, Anthony Nyong informed that they are looking at scaling up access to climate-smart digital technologies by the year 2025.
He revealed that the African Development Bank and Global Center on Adaptation are joining forces to use their complementary expertise, resources and networks to develop and implement the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Programme (AAAP) to galvanise climate resilient actions through a triple win approach to address the impacts of Covid-19, climate change and the economy.

Nyong also said that they intend to leverage these technologies and associated data-driven agricultural and provide financial services to at least 30 million farmers on the continent of Africa.

This he said, would also give a boost to agriculture and food security.

According to him, so far, they have recorded some achievements, which included the drafting, together with partners, an Investment Blueprint for Digital Climate Advisory Services (DCAS).

As said by hin, this would be a summary of best practices, lessons learnt and key principles for greatly scaling up DCAS.

“GCA will also use this as the basis for future prioritization of activities,” Nyong said.

Equally listed as achievement of GCA, he said, comprised the designing of a national level initiative; proof of concept – to support the likes of Ethiopia’s efforts to Integrate Digital Climate Advisory Services (DCAS) into the National Extension System.

The senior director, further described the initiative as efforts at recognising that the future of agriculture is data-driven, African Development Bank (AfDB) and GCA launched the Climate Smart Digital Technologies for Agriculture and Food Security Programme.

This, he pointed, out is to scale up the availability, access, affordability and applicability of digital and data-enabled solutions in African agriculture.

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