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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

IFAD, championing indigenous peoples, congragates over 100 @forum - NaijaAgroNet

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The 6th Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum at the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) congregated over 100 Indigenous Peoples’ representatives and observers from all over the world.
IFAD, championing indigenous peoples, congragates over 100 @forum - NaijaAgroNet
The Forum is a platform for meaningful dialogue in which Indigenous Peoples’ representatives convey their concerns, requests and recommendations to improve the partnership with IFAD towards sustainable rural transformation. The outcome of the Forum will be presented by representatives of the Indigenous Peoples to the IFAD Governing Council, the following week.

IFAD Indigenous Peoples Awards recognize the efforts and achievements of development projects that successfully engage with Indigenous Peoples living in rural areas.

IFAD has updated its Policy on Engagement with Indigenous Peoples last December, recognizing Indigenous Peoples as horizontal partners and a priority for IFAD. As the sole international financial institution to include commitments and targets on Indigenous Peoples in its corporate documents, IFAD is committed to continue advocating for their essential role to preserve biodiversity thanks to their ancestral knowledge and stewardship.

Since 2010, almost one-third of IFAD’s lending programme has supported development initiatives with Indigenous Peoples. A total of 83 IFAD-funded projects have reached about nine million Indigenous Peoples in 46 countries. IFAD investment in these projects is estimated to be around US$1 billion, leveraging around US$2 billion in co-financing.

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