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Thursday, February 16, 2012

African agronomists in Kenya for food enhancement

Agricultural experts from Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania gathered in Kenya for an empowerment workshop on carbon projects geared towards enhancing food production, reports CoastWeek.
The workshop is organized by World Bank; NaijaAgroNet gathered is to support farmers in Africa to earn from carbon credits.
Speaking about the workshop, Dr. Mei Xie, a Senior Specialist of Climate change at the World Bank Institute said the programme is aimed at building hand on capacity ad know how to establish activity monitoring systems and model derived emission factors for smallholder carbon agricultural projects.
"We look forwards to empower the agricultural experts from the respective countries on the development of carbon projects and take back home the experience and knowledge to the benefits of the farmers," she said.
The workshop is a platform for networking and sharing experiences among participants during and beyond the forum. Read moreAdmin/LS
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