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Monday, February 20, 2012

UN urges assistance for drought-prone Sahel region

Following the looming drought in the Sahel region of West Africa, delegates at a United Nations meeting have called for a comprehensive and rapid assistance to the affected, reports UNNewsCentre.

The meeting NaijaAgroNet gathered was convened by the United Nations and has in attendance Leaders of UN agencies, government representatives of the affected countries and donors.

Delegates at the meeting emphasized the need for a combination of relief, early recovery and longer-term development programmes.

They also agreed to work together in order to meet immediate food security and nutritional needs of the affected people.

Part of the resolution reached at the end of the meeting was to support programmes that will address the causes of the problems and strengthen the resilience of communities living in areas affected by chronic drought.

It was also stressed that there is need for regional organizations to strengthen their capacity to address the structural causes of the recurring food crisis in the region and a continued support to the affected countries. Read more
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