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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Japan donates urea fertilizer to Ethiopia

 Anthony Nwakaegho/NaijaAgroNet
Japan has donated over 92,000 tonnes of urea fertiliser valued at valued at 490 million Japanese yen to Ethiopia based upon the exchange of notes signed between the two countries in December 2012 to complement Ethiopian government efforts to increase crop production.
The Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia Hiroyuki Kishino while making the donation said that Japan was pleased to play a modest role in mitigating the existing supply-demand gap of fertilizer through its Grant-in-aid Scheme, KR II.
Kishino noted from that the fertilizer would contribute to improving the people’s livelihoods and facilitate the Ethiopian efforts being carried out to achieve the agricultural targets stipulated in the GTP.
“In view of the dominant role of agriculture in the Ethiopian economy and the projected average annual growth rate for agriculture of 8.6 per cent for five years, agriculture has continued to be a priority sector in Japan's ODA policy toward Ethiopia.
“Food security, which includes agricultural and rural development as well as water supply, is one of the two main pillars of Japan's ODA policy in Ethiopia together with industrial development. Japan would continue to support smallholder farmers so that they can increase productivity in agriculture,” the Japanese ambassador said.


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