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Monday, March 2, 2015

Experts say Bamboo is solution to deforestation in Africa

Bamboo, a fast growing woody plant has been discovered to offer a veritable solution to the menace of deforestation in Africa, reports NaijaAgroNet.

Some environmentalists including Chief executive officer (CEO) of Eco Planet, Troy Wiseman and Nigerian head of Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Nnimmo Bassey gave these indications.

According to Environmental News Network, Africa yearly loses about 41,000 square kilometers of land, which equals the landmass of Switzerland, to deforestation

NaijaAgroNet also learnt that United Nations’ Environmental Program has also made such revelation that Africa is fast losing its arable land to deforestation to an alarming rate of 4 million hectares annually. It maintained that this amounts twice the world average deforestation rate, and deforestation makes up one/fifth of carbon emission globally.

According to the CEO of Eco Planet, Troy Wiseman in his interaction with IPS said, bamboo "If grown in the right way on land that has little value for other uses, and if managed under the right sustainable management system, bamboo can play a role in restoring highly degraded ecosystems and connecting remnant forest patches, while reducing pressure on remaining natural forests."

The ability of bamboo plants to fight climate change, NaijaAgroNet learnt, is because it has a high capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and to act as carbon sink and still the wood is equally of benefit to man in the area of wood energy, construction of tents and other makeshift houses while still saving large chunk of highly degraded environment.

Renowned African environmentalist and head of Health of Mother Earth Foundation based in Nigeria, Nnimmo Bassey, said no one can seriously present bamboo plantation as a cure for deforestation.

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