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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

UNECA-SA urges Government in southern Africa region to transform its Agriculture sector

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa southern Africa office (UNECA-SA) has called on governments in the region to make a change in the agriculture sector to develop into food secure and enhance nutritional security NaijaAgroNet reports

This was discoursed at a two-day meeting being held under the watch of UNECA-SA from March 9-10 which prompted the UNECA-SA director, Said Adejumobi who said agricultural transformation could be a reality in southern Africa and they could feed themselves through agro-industry development.

He also said, to bring the agricultural transformation dream to be realistic, the state needs to render its support as it cannot be successful on its own.

“Africa’s agricultural transformation cannot take place without the state; not for the state to be a producer, but to actively support and if need be, subsidize the agriculture sector and Agro-industrial development cannot be effective without state

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