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Thursday, April 16, 2015

CJN blasts lawyers, says too many of them are fake

 Justice Mahmud Mohammed, The Chief Justice of Nigeria, ‎CJN, Wednesday in Abuja blasts the legal profession over the rising number of “fake” lawyers in the country, NaijaAgroNet reports.

NaijaAgroNet further learnt that The CJN made this disclosure during the official launch of “Stamp for Lawyers”, ‎which was produced by the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, bemoaned that the prevalence of fake lawyers negatively affects the integrity of the legal profession and casts a shadow of disrepute on the judiciary as an arm of government in the country.

He insisted that one of the major challenges facing Judges today, NaijaAgroNet gathered “is how to differentiate between a “real” and “fake” legal practitioner”.

 “Of even greater concern is the fact that members of the public are often left in a quandary over who they can place their trust, property and even lives in.

“We must not forget that the credibility of the Bar has a direct impact on respect for the Rule of Law and the independence of the Courts.

”I believe that the stamp can, if properly deployed, become a hallmark of a firm’s work and a way for prospective clients to better identify their counsel- a veritable means to “Know Your Counsel,” he said.
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