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Monday, April 13, 2015

Police shuns cooler of rice to allow campaign poster at polling booth

An attempt to sneak campaign poster into one of the polling booths in Lagos was on Saturday thwarted by the police during the accreditation exercise for the Governorship and State Assembly elections, NaijaAgroNet reports.

NaijaAgroNet crew was there as the drama unfolded. It happened that a woman desperate to win votes for her candidate, made an attempt to sneak a campaign poster of one of the top contending parties’  into the polling booth at Ile Film Junction on Mosafejo Road in Ifelodun Area Council of Lagos but the policeman in charge of security there prevented her from doing so.

 It was however surprising to the onlookers when the same woman whom the police had earlier warned and educated on the security and constitutional implication of her action returned to the polling booth this time with a cooler of rice and the same campaign poster originally disallowed by the police, all these with the intention to bribe the policeman to allow her carry out her nefarious act.

The crowd was jolted when the policeman continued to shout “I don’t want, I say I don’t want”
The crowd booed and jeered at her as she left the place in shame with her cooler of rice and campaign poster.  In keeping with the peaceful election mood, no arrest was made, NaijaAgroNet reports.

Cyriacus  Nnaji/ GEE

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Pix: Suleiman Abba, IGP.

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