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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top fishery officials say aquaculture comes of age

High-level delegations of fisheries ministries from over 50 countries have gathered in Agadir, Morocco for a summit to discuss emerging governance needs in the aquaculture, reports NaijaAgroNet.

Also, NaijaAgroNet gathered,  is that fishery sector provides the world with 17 per cent of its animal protein and developing countries with more export revenue than meat, tobacco, rice and sugar combined. 

Audun Lem, Deputy-Director in FAO's Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Division observed that the globalization of the fish trade, driven in large part by fast growth in aquaculture, raises challenging needs for better rules and practices regarding traceability, labor conditions and the protection of biodiversity as well as commercial preparations for shifts in demand, consumption habits, climate change impacts, and the rapid rise of supermarkets with their corollary supply chains. 

"Trade in fish is much more important than people think, both in absolute and relative terms," said Lem, who also is secretary of the Sub-Committee on Fish Trade whose biennial meeting is being held in Africa for the first time. 

Dialogues over the week-long meeting in Morocco, Lem said would help FAO, its member countries and industry representatives understand new trends, opportunities and challenges in the fishing sector, fostering the development of strategies that could be the best position developing countries to develop their fisheries sectors in a sustainable manner and to maximize their economic benefit from the growth we expect to witness. 

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