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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Graziano da Silva emphasizes fight against hunger, boosts resilient rural livelihoods

The Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Dr.José Graziano da Silva has empahised the agency fight against hunger, just as they plan to boost resilient  of rural livelihoods, NaijaAgroNet reports.

Speaking to members of the United Nations Security Council, Jose Graziano da Silva stressed that actions to promote food security could help prevent a crisis, mitigate its impacts and promote post-crisis recovery and healing.

He pointed out that conflicts are a key driver of protracted crises, where hunger is three times more likely than in the rest of the developing world, while the countries with the highest levels of food insecurity are also those most affected by conflict.

According to him, that is borne out in cases ranging from Syria and Yemen to South Sudan and Somalia.

He also cited post-conflict Angola and Nicaragua, post-genocide Rwanda and post-independence Timor-Leste as cases where peace and food security were mutually reinforcing.

The opposite, he said, could equally prove true, leading to a relapse into violence. 


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