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Monday, May 13, 2024

Technologies to safeguard plants in 21st century - NaijaAgroNet

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has involved scientific approaches, innovation, and the latest technologies on plant production and protection, reports NaijaAgroNet.
Technologies to safeguard plants in 21st century - NaijaAgroNet
This, NaijaAgroNet gathered includes supporting governments to conserve plant genetic resources and develop viable seeds and stress-resistant crop varieties to increase crop productivity.

FAO also involved working towards sustainable pest and disease management, by closely collaborating with individual countries and communities such as the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

Through the IPPC, FAO through the Deputy Director-General, Beth Bechdol, disclosed, its implementing the Africa Phytosanitary Programme to build capacities and supporting countries in using the latest scientific evidence and digital technology in detecting plant pests.

Key to detecting plant pests, such as Desert Locust, is the ability to transmit real-time data to national locust centers by using Geographic Information Systems to collect and manage data on pests, as well as a suite of smartphone apps. Early detection of these pests enables FAO to provide timely support for farmers, resulting in reduced losses to crops.

In Ecuador, FAO has also been promoting the use of biotechnology in crop production and protection, through the successful implementation of a fruit fly pest control system that uses the sterile insect technique. This involves rearing and sterilization of large numbers of male insects to mate with wild females, producing no offspring and thus reducing the insect population.

Meanwhile the adoption of the IPPC ePhyto Solution, providing for electronic plant health certificates, is making international trade in agricultural products faster, safer and more efficient. More than 120 countries have adopted the Solution and more than three million ePhyto certificates have been exchanged.

Paul Akukodi/Editor

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