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Thursday, May 2, 2024

USAID partner JGI on Hope Through Action - NaijaAgroNet

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has partnered with a local Non-Governmental Organisation in Tanzania, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) on its Hope Through Action, reports NaijaAgroNet.
The USAID Hope Through Action project, NaijaAgroNet gathered, works to protect endangered chimpanzee populations and safeguard their habitat through more effective forest management and empowering local communities with more inclusive governance of natural resources and more productive and sustainable livelihoods in the Gombe-Masito-Ugalla (GMU) landscape.

The GMU landscape, located in Western Tanzania, NaijaAgroNet also gathered, is critical for the survival of most of Tanzania’s estimated 2,200 chimpanzees.

According to the fact sheet on the project available to NaijaAgroNet, rapidly growing human populations in Western Tanzania are depleting natural resources and expanding unsustainable land use practices.

Chimpanzees and other forest wildlife are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation from shifting agriculture tied to expanding settlements, illegal grazing and logging.

To protect chimpanzee forest habitat and ensure their connectivity, we empower local communities by enhancing the expertise of both district and village authorities and championing initiatives that reward
conservation efforts.

"Our commitment includes a special focus on fostering gender equality in land ownership rights. Recognizing the dynamic nature of biodiversity challenges, the program fosters an
environment of ongoing education, enabling us and the communities to continually refine and elevate stewardship of Tanzania’s natural treasures," part of the fact sheet read.

USAID Hope Through Action, NaijaAgroNet equally gathered, focuses on climate-smart practices sensitive to gender dynamics, while bolstering the resilience of communities against climate change and other unforeseen challenges.

By transforming villages into hubs of advanced, eco-friendly farming, livelihoods will improve. This holistic strategy ensures that progress in agriculture goes beyond yields - it’s about nurturing a sustainable and equitable environment for all.

To raise awareness and improve access to reproductive health services and family planning resources, we enhance maternal and child health knowledge. We address gender-based violence with appropriate measures to create a healthier and supportive community for all individuals.

The program enhances youth activism and leadership by expanding the reach of JGI’s Roots & Shoots clubs for primary and secondary students. It improves training in leadership, conservation, and climate change and supports a National Youth Council on climate and conservation.

Sunday Osuma/editor

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