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Monday, December 7, 2015

Technology for achieving CO2 reduction available - Utsumi

Chairman of the United States-based Global Systems Analysis and Simulation Association (GLOSAS/USA), Prof. Takeshi Utsumi has declared that the technology for achieving the pledged reduction to CO2 by world leaders, reports NaijaAgroNet.

Reacting to the pledges made since the beginning of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), which is holding in Paris, gathered delegates from 195 countries, even as 175 countries out of them pledged the reduction of CO2.

Utsumi also said he supposed these pledges were made out of their rigorous examination of their country’s system. 

“I then also suppose that such study were made with the use of their socio-economic-energy-environment simulation models, since otherwise, they should be just the ‘hopeful’ pledges.  Even so, news reports that the total sum of them all would not meet with the target of 2 degree Celsius limit on the temperature rise compared to the pre-industrial age,” he said.

Utsumi further said that then proposed creation of the “Electronic United Nations” as interlinking those simulation models through broadband Internet for the discussions of fair distribution of benefits and burdens of the global climate change.

He emphasized this was to follow the suit of MIT researchers and students who brought their computer to the UN in New York City and helped to enact the Law of Sea in the 1970s, which had 150 countries’ agreement so far, except the USA.

He insisted that “Technology for this is now available, including for real-time simulator cum trainer scheme.”

Utsumi further said his team has been working in this direction in the past four decades. 

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