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Saturday, July 16, 2011

‘How to address conservation, reduce poverty’

Latest reports emanating from a book on ‘Poverty, Biodiversity and Local Organisations: Lessons from BirdLife International’ has outlined how to address conservation and reduce poverty.

A copy of book made available to NaijaAgroNet, showed that there are steps to be taken combating conservation and poverty reduction through working with local organisations.

The author, Mr. David Thomas gave three examples, siting South America (Bolivia) one from Africa (Uganda) and one from Asia (Nepal), which illustrated how BirdLife’s partners have worked with local organisations as an entry point to achieving conservation and poverty reduction.

He revealed that working in partnership with local organisations ensures that environment and poverty are addressed in a more holistic way, as experienced and understood by local people.

Additionally, they stated that it also has benefits in terms of sustainability, efficiency, legitimacy and respect for rights. Read more


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