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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Climate change: Africa witnesses hottest temperature ever - NaijaAgroNet

The Africa has witnessed the hottest temperature ever, as the climate change seems to catch up with the most-black continent, reports NaijaAgroNet.
According to the Earth Day Network, Africa witnessed the hottest temperature ever reliably measured on Earth when Ouargla, Algeria hit 124.3 degrees.
NaijaAgroNet gathered that while no single temperature can be attributed to global warming, collectively these heat records are consistent with the kind of extremes we expect to see in a warming world.
That was why Earth Day Network said, its doubling-down on commitment to help cut carbon emissions and demand that our leaders support binding global climate change agreements now before it’s too late.

“Everything we do, from planting trees to cleaning up plastic pollution to protecting endangered animal habitats; aims to keep our climate stable and stave off the impacts of climate change,” they said.
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