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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Family planning: Lagos mothers choose options themselves - NaijaAgroNet

The Lagos mothers have disclosed that the choice of preferred family options were chosen by themselves without any coercion, reports NaijaAgroNet.

Most of the mothers who spoke recently to NaijaAgroNet during the 2018 World Population Day commemoration with the theme: Family Planning is a Human Right, and supported by Pathfinder International.

Some of those who spoke to NaijaAgroNet  included Mrs. Mojusola Oluwasegun, a staff nurse, Mrs. Akerele Deborah, and Mrs. Florence Famakinwa, alluded to the fact they willingly chose their plans of choice after careful counselling and affirmation that it’s a human rights to them.

The family planning methods available to Nigerians especially spouses include some 5 main types, namely the barrier methods, hormonal methods, Intra  Uterine Devices (IUDs) and natural methods.
As at the time of filing this report, NaijaAgroNet gathered that an estimated 6.428,000 women are using a modern method of contraception.

For Mrs. Mojusola Oluwasegun, 30: She likes family planning, so also her husband, just as she insisted on choosing it herself, obviously in fulfillment of her human rights.

“I like it and my husband also. I use implant. I choose it myself. I prefer implant,” she declared.
She also noted that the first time she used was allegedly told her system will change, but she started using it after her second child, even though she intended to use it after first child.

A staff Nurse, names withheld, who spoke to NaijaAgroNet at the Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC), Mascara in Alapere, Ikosi, Agoyi-Ketu, Lagos, affirmed that they encourage married women to choose a plan after due counselling.

“We allow mothers to choose a plan,” she declared, adding that however, when there are complaints are mainly on menses following too much and some weight loss, or adding of weight.

She described most of the complaints, especially on the weight as “psychologically issues”, while those who have excess bleeding issues are placed on medication.

Also speaking to NaijaAgroNet at PHC Ogudu, a teacher, Mrs. Akerele Deborah, started family planning in 2004 following a visit to a PHC after fourth child. As said by her, she informed her husband, noting that she had earlier did one family planning for 10 years and the last one was five years.

“There was no complain from my spouse. It’s a great benefit and I really thank the matron that introduced me to family planning,” Akerele said.

Pointing out that the first family planning ever, was condom, which somehow failed her, saying that despite using condom, to got pregnant.

“Luckily both of us were at home, otherwise it should have been a problem of infidelity,” she said.
Akerele emphasized that family planning has helped her family in spacing out, stressing that fiscal ability matters.

“If you want to give your children space of 2 to 3 years; it’s not easy,” she said, but advised women to adopt family planning because of themselves.

Equally, Mrs. Florence Famakinwa, 34, told NaijaAgroNet at same PHC, that she started family planning since 2012, but when she wanted to have a second baby, “I stopped and after second child. I decided to start IUD and my husband supported me very well.”

She noted that no side effect since she started this one, no issues, adding that the benefit of child spacing is very important and cannot be over-emphasized.

NaijaAgroNet recollects that the World Population Day was established on July 11 by the then-Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme since 1989.

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