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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Family planning: Lagos mothers laud exercise, we’re healthier - NaijaAgroNet

It was a commendation galore for the Lagos State government on its efforts for an improved family planning service delivery and adoption among resident mothers, reports NaijaAgroNet.

This commendation is coming at the heels of 2018 World Population Day which focused its anniversary on the “Family Planning is a Human Right”.

Most of the Lagos mothers who spoke to NaijaAgroNet at a field trip to some Primary HealthCare centres in Lagos by Pathfinders International, said they see the issue of family planning as their own human rights, hence they were encouraged to go all out with additional support of their spouses towards making life better and healthier.

For a teacher, Mrs. Oluwaseyi Oluwapadia, who has been using family planning since December 2012, noted she has evidently seen the benefit on herself and her children.

“My last baby was in about September 11 and will be 7 by this year September,” she declared.
Also, she affirmed support and consent of her husband, pointing out that work permission is the only hindrance to keeping up to date with medical visits as at when due.

“My husband gave his consent and has been very supportive,” she asserted, stressing that one of the immediate benefit for her is that family planning has helped her to keep fit and look like sweet sixteen.

Another mother, Mrs. Karim Bilikis, 32, told NaijaAgroNet that family planning is very good and has enabled her to have peace in the home front.

“It allows you to have peace at home, and take care of children up to university level,” she said.
As said by her, women or mothers precisely have some work and she would like to have time to improve on her education, noted that she is on two months family planning, which she had started using it after her first child.

“There is no side-effects unless you miss your medical appointment,” she responded, when asked if there is any side effect to family planning.

Family planning for her offers users an opportunity to have happy family, help your husband. Mrs. Karim revealed that she has plan to have just three children, stressing that she see family planning as a human right.

“Women have very important work to do including the breastfeeding and catering for all the children,” Mrs Karim said.

Isaac Oyimah/GEE

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