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Friday, January 14, 2022

FRA: Most comprehensive assessments of forestry says FAO – NaijaAgroNet

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The Global Forest Resource Assessment (FRA) has been described as the most authoritative and comprehensive assessment of forests and forestry, reports NaijaAgroNet.
The latest of these assessments (FRA 2020), 
NaijaAgroNet gathered, contains detailed regional and global analyses for 236 countries and territories to meet the needs of the diverse stakeholders: private and public sectors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the media, academia, etc.
NaijaAgroNet reports that FRA is based on official country statistics, focusing on less developed countries, the data are sometimes outdated and derived using inconsistent methodologies.

FAO’s National Forest Monitoring (NFM) initiative supports countries to produce updated quality information on forest resources in more than 50 countries, among which a third are in Africa.

The aim is to develop modern, transparent, reliable and accessible National Forest Monitoring Systems, through the provision of free and open-source tools for the collection of up-to-date and reliable forest resource data using remote sensing and field inventories.

One of the most important instruments in NFM is FAO’s Open Foris Initiative, which was initiated in 2009 with financial support from the government of Finland. It provides open-source digital public goods, which are widely used for forest and land monitoring applications. Over the years, Open Foris has had more than 30,000 users in 180 countries and helps stakeholders to obtain more detailed information on forest and natural resources in a more efficient manner.

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