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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Royco unveils TV commercial, promises meatier than ever flavour, aroma

In the bid to boost its consumer connection to the brand of Royco, the seasoning company, Unilever Nigeria Plc has unveiled a new and exciting television commercial tagged ‘Great Taste of Home.’

Speaking in Abuja to NaijaAgroNet, Managing Director, Unilever Nigeria Plc, Mr. Thabo Mabe, noted that the new campaign commercial captures the essence of the new Royco by bringing its ‘Great Taste of Home’ theme fully to life and delivering on a promise of taste that is ‘Now Meatier than Ever’ for all Nigerian dishes.

“At Unilever, we are proud to say that one of the pillars of our vision is to continue to improve the lives of our consumers,” he said, pointing out that the confidence with which they introduced the new Royco Chicken in addition to the existing variants of Beef and Goat flavours, for its teeming consumers delighted with the exciting array of flavours from Royco that now come in new and attractive packs.

Consumers, he said, could now choose their preferred flavour from the three Royco variants of Beef, Chicken and Goat which are now more meatier with the best aroma ever.

Brand Building Director, Unilever Nigeria Plc David Okeme, explained that with Royco, everyone could prepare and enjoy great tasting food with irresistible aroma every day.

Okeme stated that one of the unique selling propositions of the Royco seasoning range, besides its affordability, is its re-formulation which guarantees a meatier than ever flavour, thus helping the Nigerian woman prepare a variety of mouth-watering dishes for her family every day. Hence, the campaign theme, ‘Great Taste of Home.’

Explaining further, Category Manager, Savoury, Bolanle Kehinde-Lawal said, “The new Royco gives a more meaty taste and adds the best aroma to everyday Nigerian meals, while also being very affordable to the average Nigerian.

“Royco Chicken, the latest introduction to the existing Royco family is specially formulated to deliver ‘Irresistible Chicken Taste’ and great aroma to dishes. One cannot go wrong with cooking with the new Royco. Just go out and get your pack and your family will love you even more for it,” Kehinde - Lawal concluded.

Royco now comes in three cube formats of beef, chicken and goat, while the powdered format is specially formulated for stew and soup to give consumers more exciting flavours.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unilever says Royco 'Now Meatier than Ever'

Leader in consumer goods, Unilever Nigeria Plc, has re-launched its Royco seasoning brand with a new Chicken flavor and reformulation of the existing Beef flavour.

Unilever sources confirmed this to NaijaAgroNet saying that with the brand re-launch and extension, Royco now comes in three variants – Chicken, Beef and Goat – all of which deliver on a culinary promise of taste that is ‘Now Meatier than Ever’ before.

Managing Director, Unilever Nigeria, Thabo Mabe said that: ‘At Unilever, we are focused on the needs of our consumers and provide innovative products that will meet these needs in a unique manner, while improving their lives. This Royco re-launch further reinforces this commitment and I am confident that our new Royco Chicken and reformulated Royco Beef flavour will receive positive reviews and acceptance in the Nigerian market.’

Brand Building Director, Unilever Nigeria, David Okeme said that the re-launch was done against the background of a new campaign theme tagged, ‘The Great Taste of Home.’ The campaign seeks to connect Nigerians with the essence of the brand which is all about bringing to life the great taste of home in every meal prepared with Royco seasoning.

Okeme said, ‘We are happy to introduce the new variant and reformulated cube flavours to Nigerians. This is a great time for Nigerians to try out dishes prepared with Royco seasoning and appreciate their local dishes irrespective of the kind of food that is being prepared.’

Category Manager, Savoury, Unilever Nigeria, Bolanle Kehinde–Lawal, said that the new Royco brings uniqueness to the taste of seasonings available to the Nigerian consumer. She said, “We are here today to introduce to Nigeria the new and specially formulated Royco seasoning that makes the taste of everyday meals now meatier than ever with an irresistible aroma.’
Royco Chicken, the latest introduction to the existing Royco family, is specially formulated to deliver ‘irresistible chicken taste’ and great aroma, in addition to the existing Beef and Goat variants.

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*Pix: Launch of the new Royco.